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Retarder, Retarding Super Plastisizer

Retarder, Retarding Super Plastisizer


Retarders for concrete are used to delay the initial setting time of the concrete up to an hour. They are generally used in the hot weather condition to counter the rapid hardening due to high temperature, thus allowing the time for mixing, transporting and placing. Retarders also acts as water reducers
MC retarders enable you to accurately control the hardening of your mortars and concretes.

Retarding super plasticizers

Water reducers, retarders, and super plasticizers are admixtures for concrete, which are added in order to reduce the water content in a mixture or to slow the setting rate of the concrete while retaining the flowing properties of a concrete mixture.
Our retarding super plasticizers significantly reduce the water requirement of concrete, achieving consistency classes equal to or better than F4 while at the same time slowing the stiffening and hardening process.