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Ready to use, free flow, high strength, non-shrink grout

Product Properties

  • Emcekrete®  guarantees a permanent, reliable connection and bond between machine bases and the foundation of structure.
  • Good pourability and flowability inspite of very small amount of water added
  • High initial & final strengths
  • Because of low air entrainment Emcekrete® forms very dense grout
  • Excellent bonding strength which prevents detachment from substrates.
  • Emcekrete® does not shrink
  • High dimensional stability
  • The change of volume and shape after the loading is negligible
  • Emcekrete®is free from harmful chlorides and other aggressive constituents. Adjacent steel areas are permanently protected against corrosion

Areas of Application

  • For grouting machine foundation
  • Bridge bearing etc
  • For encasing steel in concrete


Technical Data sheet