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MC-Solid 1331 BM

MC-Solid 1331 BM

Solvent Free Two Component Thixotropic Epoxy Based Segment Adhesive

MC-Solid 1331 BM

(Formerly Known as MC-DUR 1331BM)

Product Properties

  • Thixotropic grade Epoxy Adhesive
  • High Bond Strength
  • Solvent free
  • Good Spread ability Under pressure
  • Confirms to FIP standard
  • Easy to mix and water tight
  • Virtually Shrinkage free
  • High Mechanical strength
  • Easy to apply, Trowel able

Areas of Application

  • Bonding of Precast segments in bridges, Tunnels, etc
  • For General bonding of different building materials on vertical faces (Concrete, Steel Stones, Iron, wood, etc)
  • For leveling of Vertical and overhead surfaces
  • For repair and corners and joint edges
  • Epoxy for filling tie-rods, dowel holes