Nafufill KM 250

Fire-resistant, fiber-reinforced PCC/SPCC-concrete replacement
for repair in statically relevant and non-statically relevant areas

Nafufill KM 250

Products properties

■ One-component, hand and wet spray application
■ Statically allowable
■ High carbonation resistance
■ Resistant to de-icing salts, chloride-proof
■ Non-flammable according to EN 13501-1 – building material class A1
■ Fire-resistant according to temperature time curves of ZTV-ING, part 5 and EBA-guideline
■ Fire-resistant according to temperature time curve hydrocarbon

■ Fire-resistant according to standard temperature curve (ETK) of ISO 834, fire resistance class F90/
■ Class R4 according to EN 1504 part 3

Area of application

■ Concrete replacement according to ZTV-ING, chapter 3 solid construction, section 4 for areas of application SPCC and PCC II – dynamically and non-dynamically loaded areas
■ SPCC/PCC-concrete replacement (SRM, RM) according to ZTV-W LB 219 for repair of water structures, suitable for exposure classes XC 1-4, XF 1-4, XW 1-2, XD 1-3, XS 1-3, XM 1, XA 1-2, X0, XALL,

■ SPCC/PCC-concrete replacement according to DAfStb-repair standard, approved for stress classes M2 and M3
■ Repair- and anode embedding mortar according to EN 12696 for repair principle “Cathodic corrosion
protection of steel in concrete” (also horizontal areas)
■ In combination with MC-Additive W certified LAU-repair mortar
■ Certified and classified according to EN 1504 part 3 for principles 3, 4, and 7, procedures 3.1, 3.3, 4.4,
7.1 and 7.2