Single component fairing coat and fine mortar


Nafuquick is used to cover minor surface defects on concrete, plaster, mortar, and stone masonry. As a cosmetic repair material, it is used to eliminate small defects, pinholes, and surface blemishes. It is suitable for small repairs to precast concrete elements, columns,
beamed and fair-faced concrete.

Products Properties

  • Easy to mix
  • Easy to apply
  • Rapid hardening
  • Excellent bonding properties
  • Can be drawn to extremely thin layer thicknesses
  • Weather Resistant

Area of application

• For porous or rough concrete, the entire surface is coated with Nafuquick repair mortar
• To repair pre-cast elements with shrinkage cracks
• To level off broken corner and edges on concrete structures and pre-cast elements
• To repair uneven surfaces in pre-cast concrete elements
• Finishing coat for concrete in isolated areas and whole surfaces as part of a concrete repair system
• Smoothening and restoring of concrete surfaces. Surface profile and character of fair-faced concrete can be retained
• As a substrate under suitable concrete protective and decorative systems, e.g. EmceColor-flex, Betonflair W
• It can be used as an Scratch Coat for Closing of pores and blowholes in the concrete surface

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