Roofex 2200 WB


Heatproofing and waterproofing coating

Roofex® 2200WB system is a single component, water-based moisture cured advanced aliphatic polyurethane based liquid applied membrane specially designed for waterproofing of concrete structures subjected to high flexibility. It is an elastic membrane forming material, hence it can provide good crack
bridging up to 2mm in concrete.

Products properties

• Crack Bridging Water proof coating for concrete surfaces on the basis of modified Polyurethane resin.
• Resistance to Oxidation
• Seamless membrane with an Excellent Water Vapor Barrier Properties
• Weathering and ultra violet (UV) resistant and long-term aging stability
• Environmentally friendly, Non-Toxic
• Cured Membranes are highly flexible even at extreme temperature
• Single component, Cold applied, Application by roller or spraying
• It confirms to ASTM C-836 & ASTM C-898

Area of application

• Waterproofing for Roof Gardening for both old and New roof, Suitable for Planter box waterproofing
• Suitable for Balcony, Terrace, Parking area, swimming pool, wet area Waterproofing.
• Suitable for Positive waterproofing for Foundation, retaining wall, Basements and other Concrete Sub-structures.
• Suitable seamless waterproof coating for water retaining structure like swage tank, Firefighting tank, utility tank, sunken areas and
inverted roofs.


Technical Data sheet