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Concrete Injection Technology in Bangladesh

Injection Technology

Injection systems can make a sustained contribution to the regular maintenance and repair of buildings and structures, helping to significantly extend their service lifetime. Successful injection measures result from high-performance materials combined with optimum application technology, with expert planning and execution ensuring that the injection systems perform to their maximum. We provide world best injection system. range of injection systems for buildings, structures and their components.

Injection Technology uses for:

1. Sealing cracks, crevices, cavities and voids
2. Upgrading, consolidating and reinforcing
3. Sealing joints
4. External waterproofing with curtain injection

Type of Injection System

MC-Bauchemie injection systems is one of the best and sustainable injection system for sealing cracks and cavities. Different type of concrete require different solution. We provide world class concrete injection items with solution in mind. Types of concrete injection.
  • Epoxy injection
  • Rigid-filling cement slurry
  • Foaming injection resin
  • Elastic sealing
  • Ductile and flexible injection sealing
  • PU injection resin
  • Swelling and flexible resin
  • The best epoxy injection resin for filling crack and cavities repair in Bangladesh.

    If you are looking for a Concrete injection Chemical importer and supplier in Bangladesh, for buying something for fillings cracks and cavities in the concrete. good quality epoxy might be helpful for you. A large number of construction industries consider MC-injekt 1264 is  the best Epoxy injection In Bangladesh. Epoxy injection price in Bangladesh you will get it by mailing Quotation. MC-Injekt 2133 felx is best PU injection in Bangladesh PU injection price in Bangladesh is too good. right now as it can provide so many amazing things. It’s now a common trend in Bangladesh, people search for the Best injection technology in Bangladesh to get this great construction material.


    Flexible sealing of cracks, voids, and cavities.

    Curtain injections for wide-area waterproofing.

    MC-fastpack: compact, reliable, and fast injection solutions.


    General Application Advice

    Cleaning and Maintenance of MC- Reactive resin coatings


    Bridge Constructions


    Injection Systems for Structures

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