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Best admixture in Bangladesh

Best concrete admixture in Bangladesh is MC-Bauchemie admixture.

Looking for the industry-leading Best admixture in Bangladesh, for your building construction? MC- Bauchemie Admixture in Bangladesh will certainly meet your criteria, and it will superbly ensure smooth building construction. It’s really an innovation in the construction industry, which is the number one choice of many world-class building construction industries these days. Thanks to so many advantages of concrete admixtures almost all the popular concrete admixture companies in Bangladesh are now adding this concrete admixture in their offerings. Very recently will manufacture all types of admixture. then merchant line will be a  concrete admixture manufacturer in Bangladesh.

But don’t be worried- this concrete admixture price in Bangladesh is not so high, you will be able to use this magic item, keeping your wallet happy. You will find it cost-effective in different types of construction works no matter whatever it is- commercial, industrial, or others.

Type of MC admixture in Bangladesh

  • Plasticizer and Super plasticizers
  • Retarding Plasticizer and Super plasticizer
  • Retarders
  • Foaming agent
  • Waterproofing Compound
  • Additive for HPC/SSC
  • Accelerators and Geniting Aids
  • Air Entraining Agents & Plasticizers
  • Grouting additive
  • Corrosion inhibiting admixture

Why you use MC-Bauchemie Admixture in Bangladesh

  • To reduce the excessive cost of concrete construction
  • To achieve specific properties in concrete more efficiently than by other means
  • To retain the quality of concrete during the stages of mixing, transporting, placing, and curing in adverse
    weather conditions
  • To overcome certain emergencies during concreting

MC-Admixture benefits

This best concrete admixture is featured with watertight nature and thus the construction will be durable enough.

This concrete admixture will surprisingly reduce the cement requirement, and that’s why you will be able to lessen your construction cost significantly.

This will ensure higher workability and compressive strength, which is really needful for modern day complex structures.



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