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Waterproofing Membrane in Bangladesh

Waterproofing Bituminous Membrane

Waterproofing bituminous membrane – Ultraflex SA 7000, Ultraflex XL is one kind of bituminous waterproofing membrane used for reinforced concrete roof waterproofing. This waterproofing membrane system allows you to come on-site in the form of rolls manufactured and utmost packed in the factory properly sealed. The safety manuals and specifications of the membranes provided by the manufacturer are suggested to read and follow before the installation process for fire safety and prevention issues.

Please keep aloof of inflammable materials from roofs. The bituminous waterproofing membranes are extended to the site and kept decisively on the surface with tar-based adhesives using blowtorches. A layer of bituminous waterproof membrane is laid over the roof structure and acts as a shield onto the roof. Roof tiles and membranes are applied to slope and pass the flow of water into drains.


Merchant Line-The Best Bituminous 1.5mm,3mm,4mm membrane Supplier in Bangladesh

We know the fact very well- the HDPE membrane price in Bangladesh is beyond the reach of many. Even at current times, only due to bituminous membrane price in Bangladesh some construction industries are trying to avoid this item. But don’t panic about it, Merchent Line will provide you with super quality bituminous membranes at a price, which is not so hard to bear. So, don’t search again and again for waterproofing membrane supplier and applicator and price in Bangladesh. In the Merchant Line (+88016 0032 4250 &, you’ll get all you need to make your construction work easy, smooth, and really great.

Merchant Line-The Best Bituminous membrane Applicator in Bangladesh

For the sustainable application systems merchant line is with you . we have well trainee people ,we will provide you best application and solution systems in Bangladesh with lots of experiences.


If you’re looking for the best Bituminous membrane Supplier in Bangladesh, you’re now at the right platform. We’re here to supply a great quality waterproofing bituminous membrane- Ultraflex SA 7000, Ultraflex XL that will make a concrete surface excellently waterproof. You know this type of bituminous membrane has wide use in different construction industries all over the globe right now. It’s easy to apply on any surface so there’s no need to think more about a Bituminous Membrane applicator in Bangladesh.

Being an expert on the waterproofing bituminous membrane, or having special knowledge of it is not required to apply this membrane on any surface. Just one person having primary knowledge on it may apply it wherever applying waterproofing bituminous membrane may be needed. No matter where you’re going to use this membrane, you’ll find this effective in constructing waterproofing basements, roofs, bridges, or something like that. Even for below-ground structures Ultraflex SA 7000, Ultraflex XL will really be a wise decision for you. Thanks to “high elongation properties” substrate movement will not damage the material in any case. Even radon penetration prevention is easily possible if you use this popular bituminous membrane in building construction.



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