Merchantline BD

Centrament N BV

Highly Concentrated, High Early Strength Super Plasticizer Based on Combination of SMF and SNF


  • Chemical and Physical working mechanism
  • Highest possible dispersion of Cement Particles
  • Reduces the inner friction in the concrete as well as mortar mixes
  • Reduces the water requirement through extremely high plasticizing effect
  • Substantial increase of early and final strengths
  • Very high range of consistency from stiff concrete to flow concrete
  • Makes mixing of steel fibers easy
  • Improves rheological properties


  • As a super plasticizer for ready mix concrete, pre-cast concrete as well as site concretes
  • For aesthetic fair faced concretes
  • For economical applications in Industrial Flooring Systems
  • Suitable for pre-stressed concretes
  • Compatible with all other MC-Admixtures
  • For concretes in aggressive environments and underwater concreting
  • Concretes in marine environment, sewage treatment plants, etc.
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