Merchantline BD

Muraplast Paver Plus

(Formerly Known as Centriplast Paver Plus)

Multipurpose Additive for Excellent Workability and Early Strength, in wetcast concrete for Paver Blocks, Concrete Pipes and other Concrete Goods


  • Makes the mix pumpable & flowable
  • High early & final strength
  • Excellent compatibility with all cements
  • Highest possible dispersion of cement particles
  • Maximum exposure of cement particles
  • Makes mixing of fibers easy
  • Improvement in rheological properties


  • As a super plasticizer for Pre-cast Industries
  • For production of high Strength Concrete
  • For highly aesthetic fair faced concretes
  • Special version includes use in wet-cast concrete blocks manufacture
  • Pipes, manholes, precast poles, etc.
  • Manufacturing of Railway Sleepers, etc


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