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Polycarboxylate Ether (PCE) superplasticizers are advanced chemical additives used in the construction industry to improve the workability and performance of concrete. These additives offer several advantages that contribute to the enhancement of concrete properties and construction practices. Here are some key advantages of PCE concrete admixture:

Compatibility with Various Cement Types: PCE superplasticizers are compatible with a wide range of cement types, including ordinary Portland cement, blended cement, and even specialty cements. This versatility makes them suitable for various construction applications and projects.

High Water Reduction: PCE superplasticizers are highly effective in reducing the water-cement ratio in concrete mixtures. This leads to increased strength, improved durability, and reduced permeability of the concrete. The reduced water content also contributes to the concrete’s overall sustainability by conserving water resources.

Improved Workability: These superplasticizers significantly enhance the workability of concrete by improving its flow and reducing viscosity. This increased workability makes concrete easier to place, shape, and finish, even in intricate forms and complex architectural designs.

Enhanced Strength Development:  MC polycarboxylate superplasticizers promote the early-age and long-term strength development of concrete. By reducing the water content while maintaining proper hydration, they contribute to higher compressive strengths, making the concrete more robust and durable over time.

Flexibility in Design: The improved workability and flowability provided by PCE superplasticizers allow for greater flexibility in design and construction. Complex architectural shapes, thin sections, and intricate detailing become more achievable due to the fluidity and ease of concrete placement.

Reduced Shrinkage and Cracking: The enhanced workability and reduced water content provided by PCE superplasticizers contribute to minimizing drying shrinkage and the likelihood of cracking in the cured concrete. This is especially important in ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of the finished construction.

Energy Efficiency: Concrete production often requires a substantial amount of energy. By enabling the use of lower water-cement ratios, PCE superplasticizers contribute to reducing the overall cement content in concrete mixtures. This, in turn, helps to lower the carbon footprint associated with concrete production.

MC-Powerflow® 1160

New generation superplasticizer based on the latest PCE technology

MC-Powerflow® 2230

New generation superplasticizer based on the latest PCE technology

MC-Powerflow® 016

New generation superplasticizer based on the latest PCE technology

MC-Powerflow® 2239

New generation superplasticizer based on the latest PCE technology

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