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Biggest construction chemical company in Bangladesh-Merchant Line

Our Company History

Merchant Line is one of the Biggest construction chemical company in Bangladesh . Merchant Line commenced its construction chemicals business operation on 1st January 2007. Since then we importing & supplying construction chemical products. We specially serve top-quality resin flooring (Epoxy & PU), Floor hardeners, Concrete Admixtures, Water Proofing materials & Protective coatings. We have become the prime supplier of Concrete admixture, Resinous flooring products & Construction chemicals in Bangladesh. In the year 2010, we started consultation for concrete design and durable construction chemical company in Bangladesh.


Our mission

For the growing construction industry, we have trained our technical team, especially for industrial flooring, protective coatings repairs and waterproofing works. Now we supply and apply various construction chemicals like Admixture, Surface treatments, Grouts & anchors, Industrial Flooring, Repairing Materials, Protective coatings, Joint sealants, Waterproofing, Adhesives to fulfill the demand of the Bangladesh Market. To serve our hundreds of customer’s on demand, we maintain sufficient stock in our warehouse regularly. We provide all sorts of construction solutions using the high-quality product provided by expert Engineers and technical support. Our Motto is to serve our clients efficiently and effectively in time.

MC-Bauchemie concrete admixture in Bangladesh

Admixture Supplier

MC-Bauchemie concrete admixture is one of the ingredients used in the concrete structure. The main purpose of admixture is to progress the overall quality of concrete. Get a search on Google ‘Admixture manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh’. We are an admixture manufacturer and Supplier and feel proud to provide premium quality admixtures in Bangladesh. We have been successful in fulfilling the increasing needs of the clients. It enhances the performance of concrete repairing during casting and reduces water demand and quantity. You will have two types of admixtures- Chemicals and Minerals and they are used for different purposes:

DICHTAMENT DM-The best waterproofing admixture for super quality construction work.

If you are looking for the best waterproofing Chemicals Supplier in Bangladesh, for buying something for absorbing water or contaminants in water then any good quality Waterproofing Admixture might be helpful for you. A large number of construction industries consider Dichtament DM the best waterproofing admixture right now as it can provide so many amazing things. It’s now a common trend in Bangladesh, people search for Waterproofing admixture supplier Bangladesh to get this great construction material.

Admixture for quick Accelerating
It enhances the hydration rate in the early stage. In the very inception, the accelerators fasten the whole process; harden the concrete in an initial setting. It works for emergency repair saving time, is useful for low-temperature regions, less curing time.

Admixture slow but steady
MC-Bauchemie concrete admixture slows down the hydration rate at the early stage but it is very much durable. It is ideal for high temperatures. It prevents unnecessary voids in concrete, maintains bonding between the surfaces, etc, and extends the time for cement paste.

MC-Bauchemie concrete admixture for Water reducing

MC-Bauchemie concrete admixture Water reducing admixture helps the concrete to minimize the water content. It increases the workability of the concrete by reducing water known as plasticizers. It prevents cracks, segregation, honeycombing, bleeding, and improving the strength of the concrete, etc. Emceplast BV is best water reducing admixture in Bangladesh you will get it best price . 

Air Entering Admixtures
Admixture for entering air increases the stability of concrete under freezing conditions. Besides, air entering admixtures prevents segregation and bleeding, lowers the elasticity for unit weight, improves chemical resistance, and reduces cement, sand, or water content from the concrete.

Construction chemicals company in Bangladesh

MC-Bauchemie Construction chemicals in Bangladesh

MC-Bauchemie Construction chemicals in Bangladesh are one of the far-reaching manufacturers for highly performed construction chemicals, Concrete Admixture, or concrete waterproofing in Bangladesh and other products for building construction in Bangladesh. Every time, we do focus and care about our clients, channel partners, customers and we believe in the best quality & service.

MC-Bauchemie Construction chemicals company in Bangladesh

We always offer you our best performance construction chemicals company in bangladesh ranging from Concrete Admixture, concrete waterproofing, epoxy flooring, PU flooring, repair mortars, bonding agents, grouts & anchors, adhesives, curing and sealing compounds, floor coatings, dry-shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair, Epoxy flooring, and Epoxy-PU floor coating and other products used in, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Concrete Admixture in Bangladesh the special ingredients that are included during concrete mixing to enhance the properties and performance of completely fresh concrete admixtures companies in Bangladesh.

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