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Sole Distributor Of MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG For Bangladesh

Merchant Line is sole distributor of MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG for Bangladesh.

Merchant Line is become sole distributor of MC-Bauchemie Muller GmbH & Co. KG for Bangladesh in 2020. Merchant Line started Marketing and promoting MC-Bauchemie product In Bangladesh. MC-Bauchemie a German-origin Brand, A construction chemicals manufacturer, having its production facilities worldwide. Merchant line Have Technical Collaboration With MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. A 50 Years old international Organization.

Construction chemicals company in Bangladesh

MC-Bauchemie Construction chemicals in Bangladesh

MC-Bauchemie Construction chemicals in Bangladesh are one of the far-reaching manufacturers for highly performed construction chemicals, Concrete Admixture, or concrete waterproofing in Bangladesh and other products for building construction in Bangladesh. Every time, we do focus and care about our clients, channel partners, customers and we believe in the best quality & service.

MC-Bauchemie Construction chemicals company in Bangladesh

We always offer you our best performance construction chemicals company in bangladesh ranging from Concrete Admixture, concrete waterproofing, epoxy flooring, PU flooring, repair mortars, bonding agents, grouts & anchors, adhesives, curing and sealing compounds, floor coatings, dry-shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair, Epoxy flooring, and Epoxy-PU floor coating and other products used in, commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Concrete Admixture in Bangladesh the special ingredients that are included during concrete mixing to enhance the properties and performance of completely fresh concrete admixtures companies in Bangladesh.

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