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Concrete retarder, also called cement retarder, can significantly delay the initial and final setting time of concrete. It is very suitable for concrete mixing. In general, the purpose of adding set retarding admixtures to commercial concrete is to prolong the hydration and hardening time of cement, so that fresh concrete can maintain plasticity for a long time, so as to adjust the setting time of fresh concrete. However, the concrete set retarder is often used in hot weather to counter the rapid setting caused by high temperatures. For large jobs and in hot weather, specify concrete with retarder chemical to allow more time for placing and finishing. But do you know which product can be used as concrete retarder admixture?

Centrament Retard 060

High performance retarding agent

Centrament Retard K 33

Retarder plasticizer & super plasticizer

Centrament Retard K 73

Retarder plasticizer & superplasticizer

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